"An Act to Amend Chapters 65 and 66 of Title 33 of the Public Health Law of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised and to Grant Autonomy to the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery in the Republic of Liberia"

65.6 Scope of Nursing Practice

  1. Who may Practice
    Any person licensed or otherwise authorized under the provisions of this chapter shall practice nursing, limited however to the capacity licensed or authorized. A Nurse practicing or offering to practice nursing in Liberia for compensation or personal profit shall be required to submit evidence that she or he is qualified to practice, and shall be registered and licensed as provided in section 65.3 (b) (c) (d).

  2. Duration of License
    A title, sign, card or device indicating an individual's license status shall be valid for only two calendar years as of the date of insurance for the following:
    1. Registered Nurse ("RN")
    2. Licensed Practical Nurse ("LPN")
    3. Anesthesia Nurse
    4. Registered Nurse Midwife ("RNM")
    5. Operating Room Technician
    6. Certified Midwife ("CM")
    7. Trained Traditional Midwife
    8. Registered Midwives ("RM")
    9. Ophthalmic Nurse ("ON")

  3. Extent of Practice
    The extent of practice of nursing and midwifery refers to the activities for which they are educated and authorized to perform and complemented by standards, guidelines and policy positions of nursing and midwifery regulatory bodies. The breadth and depth of these activities are influenced by the individual's level of competency, requirements and policies of the employer, needs of the clients and practice settings.
    Employers can determine which activities are within the scope of nursing and midwifery based on the complexity of the patient requirements and need for clinical expertise.

  4. Administration of Anesthesia by Registered Nurse Anesthetics
    Where a duly licensed surgeon is permitted to administer anesthetics a nurse anesthetic that has been duly licensed may administer the anesthetics, in the presence and under the supervision of a surgeon.

  5. Unauthorized Practice of Nursing
    1. Anyone not authorized to practice nursing under the provision of this Chapter, by who practices or holds herself/himself out as being able to practice nursing in which a license is a pre-requisite, or who aids, abets or facilitates an unlicensed person to practice nursing or midwifery or who fraudulently sells, files, furnishes, obtains or attempt to sell, file, furnish or obtain a diploma, license, record or permit purporting to authorize the practice of medicine, has committed a felony of the second degree.

    2. Any person or entity not authorized to teach the practice of nursing or midwifery under the provisions of this Chapter by who holds itself out to be able to teach the practice of nursing or midwifery, or who aids, abets, or facilitates an unlicensed school in the teaching of nursing or midwifery has committed a felony of the second degree

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