"An Act to Amend Chapters 65 and 66 of Title 33 of the Public Health Law of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised and to Grant Autonomy to the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery in the Republic of Liberia"

65.5 Application of the Act

This chapter is applied to the profession of nursing and covers the provision under this Act except that it shall not be interpreted as prohibiting:

  1. The care of the sick by domestic servants, housekeepers, nursemaids, companions or household aides of any type, whether employed regularly or because of any sudden illness, provided such person does not hold himself or herself out, or accept employment as a professional or practical nurse in accordance with the provision of this Act;

  2. Any family member providing nursing assistance in the case of an emergency, not including the administering of non prescribed medicine which is strictly prohibited;

  3. The practice of nursing by students enrolled in registered schools as may be incidental to their course of study;

  4. The practice of nursing in Liberia by a foreign nurse whose application for registration by reciprocity is pending for 1-3 months; such practice of nursing must be under the supervision of a nurse or physician licensed in the Republic of Liberia.

  5. The practice of nursing in Liberia by any legally qualified nurse or another state or country whose engagement requires him or her to accompany and care for a patient temporarily residing in Liberia during the period of such engagement, provided such person does not represent or hold himself or herself out as a nurse registered to practice in Liberia.

  6. Nursing or care of the sick with or without compensation or personal benefit when done in the practice of religious tenets by adherents thereof as long as they do not engage in the practice of nursing as defined in this Act.

  7. The practice of nursing by graduates of Board-registered school pending the result of the licensing examinations, whose applications have been approved by the Board following graduation. Such practice shall only be permitted under the supervision of licensed nursing or medical professionals. The practice of nursing by a graduate shall terminate if the graduate fails to take the first licensing examination after graduation.

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