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We understand that there are some direct questions you wish to find answers to quickly. We have compiled some frequently asked questions with the hope to provide as many answers as possible. These will be updated as frequently as possible.


The Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery exists to protect the public’s health and safety by providing reasonable assurance that the people who practice Nursing and Midwifery are competent and ethical practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills required by their titles and role. No, the profession should not be practice freely as it poses a huge risk to the public.
The practice of Nursing or Midwifery is a delicate profession involving the public’s health, therefore, anyone practicing or offering to practice in Liberia shall be required to submitted evidence that she or he is qualified to practice and shall be registered and licensed as provided in the ACT Section 65.3 (b) (c) (d).


You can verify a licensed practitioner by sending an official email to the board requesting the verification of a license. Be sure to include the name of the individual and the license number.


No, it is important to study the profession as registered and accredited institution. Click the button below to view a listing of institutions accredited by the Board.

Accredited Schools

A title, sign, card, or device indicating an individual’s license status shall be valid for only two calendar yeas as of the date of issuance.


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